Gazebo at the Watermill

Wedding season is in full swing and I'm thrilled! Now, it's been a while since I had last been to the Watermill. Like, going to sweet 16's 10 years ago. They have renovated since that time and it's absolutely gorgeous. Lots of great places for posing large family photos, all the way down to the nuances. Best part, the couple of the day Aleks and Katie, were great! They shared a sense of humor most couples could only dream of. All evening if those two were was to walk off to laugh at a joke one had just made to the other. Priceless. I love a couple like this. Some of my favorite photos of them together, are the ones they didn't know I was taking. It is in those moments, those photographs, that make this job the most rewarding. Onward!

Now, this was a spring wedding, so every tree and every flower was bright as could be. This really helped create that lush verdant look that I really love when shooting outdoors. The slight overcast during the day was also quite lucky. The change in the temperature of light outside makes for slightly more favorable shooting conditions. 

So, in a nutshell, the outdoor area of the Watermill is a nice little haven of photo spots. This is also where you'll likely enjoy your cocktail hour, weather permitting of course!



What about indoors, you say?

The first thing I take note of as a photographer walking in to a building: What color are the walls and ceiling? Luckily, most of the interior is white! This means bouncing my flash during party time and cake cutting time will be a breeze. As a side note, I love a good accent lighting in the hall. Catering halls have them for design and such, but they also make some sweet dancing pictures! 

I just love it! The purple lights reflect down into the wood floors, leaving that cool feathering of color. Needless to say, I was pleased with shooting in here! (Note: Look at those white ceilings!)

Here's another shot from inside during the cake cutting. Now, the MC that night said he'd never seen two people fight with cake for so long.... I'd say he was right. Aleks and Katie are a great couple, always laughing!




Overall, it was a beautiful day! A Wedding at the Watermill is one I would recommend and hope to shoot for again. All around great atmosphere and lighting. You top that off with a fun couple and a great partner, you're set! 

Thanks for reading my first blog! I know you were thinking it the whole time. It was pretty obvious that this was my first time. Let me know if you liked it. What else would you like to know?

And I'm out until next time! Here's a few more pictures of the wedding in case you were aching for more